I’m a 2 year old (born 11-2017?) red Siberian Husky. I’m a sweet, goofy puppy enjoying life in Los Angeles, California. Every day is an adventure. I have a lot to learn & sometimes get into trouble, mom forgives me and makes funny videos. By sharing my story, I hope to show you how an abandoned shelter dog can be a great companion if you just give him a chance.

Just a few months ago, my future was gloomy. I was in an overcrowded shelter, about to be added to a “kill list”. There were too many great dogs waiting for homes and no space. Then I got lucky, a really nice lady, the founder of Linda Blair Wordlheart Foundation, saved me. My awesome foster dad, Marwick, already had a house full of dogs, but volunteered to take care of me at his house. Then they worked hard to find me my own home.  

1 month ago (1-23-2020), my new mama (Sonia) adopted me. When we met, I didn’t have experience walking on a leash and was excited, so I jumped her a few times. But she knew I was a good boy, willing to learn. She had adopted 4 big dogs before, a lab-mix, chow chow mix, and 2 huskies. Now she only had a 13-year old husky named Kato and I became his brother.

One more thing, my foster dad named me Frankie in honor of a very famous singer who had blue eyes like me. I’m not sure why they also called him a “crooner”. I don’t sing yet, but maybe I can learn.